Snydes - Guitar & Vocals

What other bands has Snydes been in?

Does the elementary school band count? Snydes played Saxophone in school and faked his way through at least one concert. (He stood in the back row and faked what he was playing because he didn’t know the song!) Other than that, just Hellfish, and he is a co-founding member along with Aikman. 

What equipment does Snydes use?

Guitar:Gibson Les Paul



Shane B - Drummer

What other bands has Shane B been in?

Shane has jammed with many musicians and has been in several bands over the years, most notably, Chainsaw Abortion, a death metal band. Shane B started as the singer of Hellfish, writing most of the lyrics to original Hellfish songs. After the original drummer left, Shane B stepped in and became the full time drummer, and still sang most of the songs. Today Shane sings mostly back ups, but he does sing lead vocals on several songs. 

What equipment does Shane B use?


Cymbals:Meinl and Paiste 

Pedals:Pearl Demon Drive

Aikman - Lead Guitar & Vocals

What other bands has Aikman been in?

Aikman is the co-founder of Hellfish, and it is the only band he’s been in. In college, Aikman and Snydes both picked up Ibanez guitar starter packs and started jamming together. Hellfish was born, and with the help of original drummer Squish, practices became more frequent, and Hellfish eventually lined up a show or two. 

What equipment does Aikman use?





Dean B - Bass & Vocals

How many bands has Dean been in?

Don’t ask! Dean has been playing bass for many years. Some previous bands include LittleWing, Defender, Kixtart and Skitzhen. Contrary to popular belief, he is not a member of ZZ Top. 

What equipment does Dean use?

Bass: Smith

Amp: Gallien Krueger